About Sonlife Africa

Who Are We?

A West Australian based non-profit who believes Sustainability & Education are the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. We are committed to local lead initiatives that work to alleviate poverty in Africa. 

What makes us Different!

We provide an avenue whereby all gifts are maximised & transferred directly to reducing poverty. In other words your money ends up where it should!

What We Do!

Through the means of everyday Aussies Sonlife Africa is devoted to establishing maintaining partnerships in local communities across Africa & supporting various projects. 

We Maximise Gifts & Donations

We Support local leaders & initiatives – including schools, private businesses, health clinics & clean water solutions

We Give everyday Aussies the opportunity to make a difference and follow their dreams

We Take Western Australian Students on Leadership Trips

Why We Do It?

We believe when you give donations it should go to where it needs to

Young people are worth investing in

What Can You Do?

Provide sponsorship through personal & business


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